Love is in the air at Miriam’s Kitchen

Love is in the air at Miriam’s Kitchen

We always love a good love story at Miriam’s Kitchen.  In fact, four couples have actually met right here in our kitchen!  But as of today, Miriam’s Kitchen is taking a new role in this whole lovebusiness.

Volunteer Sous Chef Kaiti has been part of the Miriam’s Kitchen volunteer family for the past 4 years.  You’ll often find Kaiti in our kitchen on Monday mornings wearing her white sous chef coat making sure our kitchen is in order and our homeless guests are served a delicious, healthy breakfast.

She says “There’s something both awesome and humbling about being able to help feed people, to try to make a small positive difference in their day, and to be a part of the compassion and kindness that permeates what Miriam’s does.  Plus, it’s totally fun to do eggs on the grill.”

If you were visiting us last winter, you just might have overheard her fellow sous chefs chatting about whether or not Rob (her long-time boyfriend and volunteer runner with Back On My Feet

) was going to propose over the holidays.  Their suspicions were correct!  And to no surprise of the Miriam’s Kitchen Sous Chefs, Rob popped the question while he and Kaiti were on vacation last December.

Most recently, the newly engaged couple joined us at our 100 Bowls of Compassion gala and one of our live auction items caught their attention immediately.

We were super excited when we saw the Bowls item for a backyard BBQ – we had wanted to find a way to bring the organizations and values we cared about into our wedding celebration.  Not only do we know that the food will be amazing, but even more important, we want to be able to support MK,” says Kaiti.

There was a bit of a bidding war for this much sought after auction item. While Kaiti and Rob didn’t end up being the big winners, they knew this would be the perfect way to celebrate their special day.  So they came back to us after the event and asked our chefs if they would consider a second backyard BBQ.

We couldn’t resist!  Our chefs are now working with Kaiti and Rob to perfect the menu for their upcoming rehearsal dinner.

It is the wonderful support of people like Kaiti and Rob that help Miriam’s Kitchen be an important resource for our homeless guests.  We’re sure Davinia and Bryon (our guest couple who tied the knot this past Valentine’s Day) will be sharing some of their newlywed advice with Kaiti and Rob, too!

Thank you for letting us be a special part of your “I do” Kaiti and Rob!