Five Fast Facts About Brittney Washington

Five Fast Facts About Brittney Washington

Miriam’s Kitchen has some new Southern flavor…and we aren’t talking about the kitchen! Our newest Senior Case Manager, Brittney Washington, comes to us from Orangeburg, SC. Here are five fast facts about Brittney!

How did you come to Washington, D.C.?

I visited D.C. when I was young and I was always fascinated by the city. When I was looking to get my Masters in Art Therapy, I was accepted into GW and placed to do my internship at Miriam’s Kitchen! However, I ended up going to Florida State.  I never forgot about my visit to Miriam’s Kitchen.  Every time I would come to town I would volunteer here.  During one of those visits, Lindsey Vance told me that they were hiring, so I applied for the job and here I am. Looking back, all of my experiences were just preparing me for my work here at Miriam’s.

What has been your best moment at Miriam’s Kitchen?

Several times already, guests have come up to share with me that they have gotten an apartment and they’re just so excited and happy about it. It feels really good when there are breakthroughs for our guests.

The mission to end chronic homelessness in D.C. matters to me because:

I truly believe that there’s absolutely no reason that anyone should be homeless.  In a country and a city with so many resources, it doesn’t make any sense to me. Everyone deserves to feel safe and to have a place to not just survive, but thrive. Housing is a basic right.

You coordinate MK’s Writing Groups. What can you tell us about this program?

Writing groups are held every day. It’s a time when guests get together to read and discuss literature, poetry, current events or topics of interest and then to create written responses or expressions.  The groups are a safe space to share and create and not be judged. It’s a place to interact in ways that may not happen outside of Miriam’s and it creates a sense of belonging.
Just as importantly, writing groups challenge our stereotypes of who a homeless person is and what they are capable of. It’s a time for staff and volunteers to interact and get to know our guests as people.

If people want to lead a writing group, what should they do?

Send me an email! They can jump right in or I can set up a time for them to “shadow” a group to get a feel for it. Every group is unique – whatever you’re interested in will work out fine.

Writing group may be the best kept secret of all the volunteer experiences at Miriam’s Kitchen. ,/u> But if there isn’t a volunteer to staff writing group, it has be self-led by our guests. If you want to get involved, we want to hear from you. Email Brittney!