Our Next Mayor Can End Chronic Homelessness in D.C.

Our Next Mayor Can End Chronic Homelessness in D.C.

In light of this week’s Mayoral election, we asked our resident Advocacy Guru, Kurt Runge, for his perspective. Kurt is MK’s Director of Advocacy, and a founding partner of The Way Home Campaign.

“On behalf of all of the partners in the Way Home Campaign, as well as every D.C. resident seeking a solution to the city’s homelessness crisis, we are excited to work together with Mayor-Elect Bowser to end homelessness in D.C.

Our incoming Mayor has a historic opportunity to join a national movement to end veteran’s homelessness by the end of 2015 — and chronic homelessness by the end of 2016.

That goal is possible, and it’s also urgent. As we approach the cold winter days ahead, we’re reminded that too many people are sleeping outside in dangerous conditions.

Too many of our neighbors are dying young, because our community has not invested enough in cost-effective solutions like Housing First. This is the approach that will end Veteran Homelessness under Mayor-Elect Bowser’s term, and with her leadership, it will also end chronic homelessness in D.C. by 2016.

We are excited to make history with Mayor-Elect Bowser!”

You can support the movement locally by joining the Way Home Campaign.