A Headline You May Have Missed…

A Headline You May Have Missed…

This was a particularly exciting Veterans Day in the District of Columbia. You undoubtedly heard about the stellar Concert for Valor, which drew hundreds of thousands to D.C. to celebrate our vets and honor their service.

But the process of honoring our vets started several hours before Dave Grohl or the Boss took the stage

In the pre-dawn hours of Veteran’s Day, six U.S. Military Veterans tied on their aprons and reported for duty at Miriam’s Kitchen. According to long-time MK volunteer and 29-year Army vet, Ken Quaglio, his volunteer service was part of his commitment to ending veteran homelessness in D.C.:

“People think of homelessness as a problem they can’t solve. It’s just too big. The reality is that we’re making an impact.”

Ken is right.

Since August, 2013, veteran homelessness has fallen by a third in Washington. In that time, 531 veterans were connected with housing.

This success was the result of unprecedented collaboration between service providers, community leaders, and local and federal agencies.  Miriam’s Kitchen is incredibly proud to be among the groups that participate in this effort.

Veteran homelessness isn’t just a problem we can solve. It is a problem we ARE solving.

If you’d like to see Ken and our other veteran volunteers in action, check out photos of their shift on our Facebook page!