Awareness to Action: Ending Chronic Homelessness in DC

Awareness to Action: Ending Chronic Homelessness in DC

This week is National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week. Across the country, people and organizations are raising awareness about homelessness, an issue that impacts over half a million Americans.

Did you know?

  • Over 7,500 DC residents are currently experiencing homelessness
  • People experiencing long-term homelessness die younger than their housed peers, often from treatable and preventable diseases
  • People of color, women, survivors of violence, youth, and individuals who identify as LGBTQI experience homelessness at disproportionally high rates

Awareness is a vital first step, but it is only the beginning. Next, we must act.

Now, while Mayor Bowser is crafting next year’s budget proposal, we must act to end prolonged homelessness in our Nation’s Capital.

We must act to secure the $35 million needed this next fiscal year to put DC back on track to end chronic homelessness.

If you’re ready to act, please join The Way Home Campaign, a grassroots coalition of 100 organizations and 5,500 voters who believe that DC can and must end chronic homelessness. Then, stay tuned, so that together, we can raise our voices and urge our policy makers to invest in life-saving housing solutions.

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