2X the Power to Fight Hunger and Homelessness

2X the Power to Fight Hunger and Homelessness

You don’t have to wait for Giving Tuesday to do twice as much good!  Thanks to a $100,000 matching gift from a generous individual donor, every dollar you give will be matched.

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That means you have…

TWICE THE POWER to provide a tall cup of hot coffee and a nourishing meal…like chicken and white bean chili or spoon bread with sausage and veggie gravy… to a guest who otherwise might go hungry.

TWICE THE POWER to help a guest get connected to critical medical care and obtain essential social security and disability benefits.

TWICE THE POWER to help a guest find a safe place to live and not fall back into homelessness.

In an environment where every day people are being excluded, will you stand with us to make sure our neighbors experiencing long-term homelessness are not left behind?

Donate now to help us raise $35,000 by the end of Giving Tuesday to celebrate our 35-year anniversary.

  • $35 – helps a guest get his/her ID and other documents required for housing
  • $100 – equips guests with essentials like water, food, clothing or a sleeping bag until he/she can move into housing
  • $300 – provides a gift card so that guests can purchase necessities like paper towels, utensils, and cooking ware that they will need when they move into their first home in years
  • $500 – helps fix the system that allows a loved one or a friend to go hungry or sleep out in extreme heat or cold

Thank you for your generous support!