Racial Equity: What’s Next? 

Racial Equity: What’s Next? 

In our last post, we reviewed the ways that MK has engaged in racial equity over the past year. Reflecting on the year put things into perspective and offered insight into our achievements. It has been important to identify and celebrate those wins (big and small), as practicing gratitude has been key to combating fatigue, particularly when we’ve felt stuck and in need of an energy boost. Reflection has also shed light on a more difficult and humble truth: this work is a journey, not a destination, and there is much to be done. Preparing to move forward requires that we anchor ourselves in purpose, focus on the goals we want to achieve, and then create the processes that will lead us there.  

In 2019, we will continue our work to promote racial equity within MK, as well as in the broader DC social service landscape. Some of our goals include: 

  • Creating actionable, research-informed steps around racial equity 
  • Finishing our implicit bias curriculum and implementing practices 
  • Continuing to learn and develop analysis around racial equity together 
  • Contributing to thought-leadership on racial equity in the homelessness sector and other social service organizations 

Take a look at the graphic below to preview some of the goals (and activities to achieve them) on the horizon.  

We invite you to initiate or continue conversations about racial equity in your professional and personal circles, to dream with us around what a racially equitable DC will be like (including housing for all!), and to reach out to us with questions around how to grow this work where you are. 

P.S. Below are a few photos of staff sharing a few aspects of their own racial equity journey