In Light of COVID-19: A commitment to our guests

In Light of COVID-19: A commitment to our guests

Across our 37 years of existence, Miriam’s Kitchen has never closed our doors and that is because caring supporters like you have volunteered, donated, and given in-kind to ensure we can continue serving our neighbors during uncertain times.  

The population vulnerable to COVID-19 (coronavirus)—older individuals with complicating health factors—includes our guests experiencing homelessness 

And basic protocols (like washing your hands and staying home when you are sick) that are aimed to prevent the spread of COVID-19 highlight how our guests are even more at risk.  

Thousands of individuals experiencing homelessness across DC do not have reliable access to soap and water. And without a safe place to call home, where do you go to self-quarantine?  

These challenges are not new for our guests. As communities strategize on how to best prevent the spread of COVID-19, we must not forget the unique obstacles our guests face.  

That is why Miriam’s Kitchen is working closely with health partners, community providers, and local government to create a coordinated response that keeps our guests and our larger community safe and healthy.  

Miriam’s Kitchen is also on the front lines to ensure our guests still receive the critical care they need from meals to housing.  

Please donate what you can today at 

We intend to keep our doors open—just as we have across the past 37 years–and remain super vigilant in serving our guests with dignity, belonging and change. 

Miriam’s Kitchen has already ramped up efforts to keep our guests and wider community healthy, safe and informed by purchasing extra cleaning supplies and stepping up hygiene protocols in the dining room, kitchen, and throughout the organizationRead more about those efforts here. 

We are creating contingency plans across each department as we wrestle with hard questions like: How will our supply chains and food donations be affected? How do we continue essential services with reduced staff and volunteers due to quarantines? How do programs need to be adapted to maintain the safety and health of our entire community? How will all these changes potentially impact guests? 

Your contribution will help us provide timely and flexible support like: 

  • Provide a two-week supply of pantry and essential items for older residents who need to stay inside to protect themselves 
  • Adapt our meals program as needed to serve guests wherever they are (e.g. to-go containers) 
  • Stock up on sanitation and cleaning supplies as needed (and available!) 
  • Offer on a case-by-case basis emergency funding for increased supply of medication, prescriptions, and more. 

 As news of COVID-19 continues to evolve, so too will our response to best serve our guests.  

In times like this, we are reminded of our deep interdependence.  Thank you for being the caring neighbor that our guests can depend on.  



Scott Schenkelberg
President & CEO


Please donate today at  to support our Emergency Flex Fund that will enable Miriam’s Kitchen to ramp up and sustain efforts in response to COVID-19 

(posted 03/11/2020. Check to make sure you are reading the latest updates around COVID-19.