Our Mission is (still) Possible

Our Mission is (still) Possible

Join us in celebrating our heroes!

In the pre-pandemic world, we would be gathering tonight for our 2020 Mission Possible Gala.

We would be celebrating our community, our partners, and our progress towards ending chronic and veteran homelessness in Washington, DC.


Instead, our staff is continuing to greet our guests experiencing homelessness with a smile and a hot, fresh meal during a pandemic.

Your compassion and continued support has allowed us to shift our operations and expand our work – providing food security, healthcare, and housing to our vulnerable neighbors. 

You’ve made a direct impact on the frontlines. 

You are the heroes who make our mission, ending chronic and veteran homelessness, possible.

Message from 2019 Honoree Nelson Peña de Jesús, President of Global Brands at Nestlé USA:

“Thank you to the business community that has come together to support Miriam’s Kitchen’s emergency response during COVID-19.” 

“This is such a critical time to support our communities in need, from serving hot meals to people experiencing homelessness, to delivering groceries to our most vulnerable. I’m pleased that the Nestlé global brands team, in line with our passion for providing comfort and connection through food, is supporting Miriam’s Kitchen’s emergency response efforts – just one part of the company’s broader national and global response supporting food security and critical emergency response.”  

Highlights of your support:

Volunteer champions like Nestlé USA and SmartBrief, who are driving community impact through cause partnership. 

Organizations like World Bank Group and Mathematica, who are uniting employees for the common cause of giving back locally. 

Long-time partners like Bank of America and Altria Group, who are joining forces with frontline workers through emergency funding. 

Leaders like Danaher and Deloitte, who are supporting Miriam’s Kitchen as a part of their global coronavirus responses. 

Supporters like Verizon and UPS, who are directly supporting their local communities while responding nationally. 

In kind partners like Chefs’ WarehouseTrader Joe’s, and Cotton & Reed, who are using their business strengths to address local needs. 

See all the organizations leading with kindness

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During last year’s celebration, we imagined if homelessness no longer existed –

this crisis underscores how fighting for that future is more important than ever.

Do you want to make an impact? Partner with us!

What does Miriam’s Kitchen mean to you?

While we cannot gather tonight in person, we hope to safely bridge the social distance by creating community online.

Check out the video below to hear our 2020 Dignity Honoree Rhonda Whitaker tell us what Miriam’s Kitchen means to her.


 “Miriam’s Kitchen paved the way for me, and others, to be housed.

Today, I sit here in my apartment, with peace of mind…”



“After living 20 something years on the street, I have peace of mind today. It was hard, yes it was hard, but I never gave up – and Miriam’s Kitchen never gave up on me…  

Thank you so much to all the donors, to Miriam’s Kitchen, to the staff, to the people who cook the meals, who prepare the meals, and the volunteers. Today I can say I am truly grateful to be a part of Miriam’s Kitchen. Thank you!” 

Celebrate today by joining Rhonda and sharing your story. 

Post your photos, quotes, or videos tagging @MiriamsKitchen and using the hashtag #MKcommunity


Did someone say, virtual volunteering?

Do you miss being in our kitchen? Is your team looking for ways to give back while staying home?

Check out our Virtual Engagement & Volunteering Opportunities for our partners!   

Welcome home, Leroy!


Without a home, you cannot easily socially distance, wash your hands, and stay safe… and so we know  our mission is more important than ever.

We’re ecstatic to share that Leroy, guest and artist, has moved into his apartment!

Welcome home!

You can check out our April 20 Impact Report to see our response to COVID-19 and the progress we are still making towards ending homelessness. 



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