Showing Up for Racial Justice

Showing Up for Racial Justice

Our nation is experiencing an undeniably expanded and exaggerated time of uncertainty. As we continue to navigate the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are faced with battling an overt resurgence of racism and police brutality – an issue that has existed within our country for far too long.

The recent murder of George Floyd at the hands of Minnesota police and the national unrest that it has caused, is a very real example of why it is important for us as a larger society to organize nationally to end socioeconomic racial inequality.

The same overt and covert racism that has spurred people to march on the streets has also pushed our neighbors—the majority of whom nationwide, and in DC specifically, are African American—into homelessness.

Every day, but especially right now, we are focused on taking care of one another and supporting our guests, staff, volunteers, and supporters. From meals to housing, we strive to help build equitable systems and shift power to people experiencing homelessness.

But we know service is not enough. In addition to our direct services, Miriam’s Kitchen will continue to advance equity in our organization and our community by:

  • Centering and amplifying the leadership of people of color and individuals with lived experience of homelessness
  • Examining how bias and white supremacy culture shows up within ourselves and in our work with each other
  • Collaborating across the city to interrupt the racially unjust systems that funnel people into homelessness, dismantle the policies that keep them homeless, and create sustainable change so that people don’t fall back into homelessness.

To the members of our community who share our outrage and want to know how to help, here are a few suggestions:

  • If you are expressing your first amendment rights to protest, please be aware of your neighbors who do not have homes to help keep them and their belongings out of the crossfire.

Support black led organizations (not just during crisis) that have been organizing in DC for years, even decades, such as:

Other resources to check out:

To the African American members of our community: we see you and stand with you. We remain committed to listening and advocating for meaningful systems change.