Restaurant Fridays at Miriam’s Kitchen

Restaurant Fridays at Miriam’s Kitchen

Restaurant Fridays is a new initiative from our brilliant Kitchen team! MK Executive Chef Cheryl Bell tells us more about this exciting new program:

Introducing Restaurant Fridays at Miriam’s Kitchen! Our goal is to support our guests and local restaurants, while also giving our kitchen team a much-needed break during the pandemic.

Anyone at Miriam’s Kitchen will tell you that I put my heart and soul into every meal. Serving people is a labor of love, but it’s also hard work and brutal to the body. As an organization that is about dignity and belonging for those who are often forgotten, we felt compelled to carry out our mission beyond our walls. Every Friday, we will feature meals that are provided by different area restaurants – some will rotate based on the quality of food, guest/volunteer experience, and feedback, as well as varying options they are able to provide. We began our Restaurant Friday series on February 12, 2021, and so far, we’ve partnered with Myron Mixon’s Pitmaster BBQThe Queen Vic, and Muncheez.

Food has power – basic nutritional needs, health, and substance – but the thing that has always drawn me to food is the connection, joy and healing it provides universally. Food brings people together on common ground, opens conversations, builds relationships, and creates new memories. Personally, it’s my way of showing I care about someone – you matter!  I wanted my team and I to use this platform to support others who do what they love and continue to be an inspiration in their communities. We are grateful to have the opportunity to serve, but also support those who serve so many every day!

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It’s my pleasure to serve you,

Cheryl R. Bell
Executive Chef
Miriam’s Kitchen