Give In-Kind

Thank you for considering making a donation of needed items to Miriam’s Kitchen.

In an effort to ensure we have the items our guests need more consistently and decrease the amount of staff time spent on sorting donations, we’ve made some changes to our in-kind donation process.

As of now, we can no longer accept uncoordinated in-kind items dropped off at Miriam’s Kitchen. We often receive items we don’t need or in poor condition, and the time spent sorting these donations has reached unsustainable levels.

We are suspending our Amazon wish list until after we resume normal operations. Instead, we will rely on donations provided by our Rapid Response Team.

If you are a partner, please reach out to Corporate Partnerships Officer to coordinate and schedule an in-kind drive.

These are now the only ways to donate in-kind items to Miriam’s Kitchen.

If you’re interested in joining our Rapid Response Team, we’d be grateful to have you. By joining, you agree to receive an email if and when an urgent in-kind item need ever pops up. If we’re running dangerously low on sunscreen, for example, we might send an email to our Rapid Response Team and ask for travel-sized bottles of sunscreen to be dropped off at Miriam’s Kitchen during a specific window of time. There’s no requirement to respond to these emails, and we don’t anticipate sending them frequently. If you’d like to join the Rapid Response Team, please email