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I Never Thought of Myself as an Advocate

Submitted on March 12, 2015 - 3:09 pm

I never thought of myself as an advocate. Like a lot of people, I always thought an advocate was someone with skills that I didn’t have. Some kind of political specialist or something. But the truth is, advocacy comes naturally to me. Because to be an advocate, you only need

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Three Facts You Can Tell the Mayor About Chronic Homelessness

Submitted on March 5, 2015 - 12:18 pm

It’s common knowledge that chronic homelessness is expensive, but until recently, we’ve never been able to prove just what it costs the District. Last week, that changed. Thanks to our partnership with the Advisory Board Company, we were able to unveil new data to prove to our leaders that this

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Stand Up For Our Guests

Submitted on March 4, 2015 - 3:59 pm

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been knocked out at how eager our community is to support our guests. When we ran low on coffee, you overwhelmed us with your generosity. When our guests needed warm clothes, the donations came rolling in.  We are so grateful.  We’re writing to you

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We Asked, You Answered

Submitted on February 5, 2015 - 5:48 pm

Thank you so much. Last week, we asked for your help. In the grand scheme of things, it may have been a simple ask: a request to help us replenish our supply of coffee. But it was also an investment in our community — an opportunity to maintain Miriam’s Kitchen

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In Memory of Jeff Johnson

Submitted on December 18, 2014 - 11:39 am

Tomorrow is National Homeless Persons’ Memorial Day, when we honor the memories of all who died this year without the dignity of a home. This year’s events will be especially difficult because just a few weeks ago, a long-time Miriam’s Kitchen guest passed away.  Jeff Johnson was a special presence

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Home for the Holidays

Submitted on December 16, 2014 - 11:56 am

It’s a phrase you often hear at this time of year: Home for the Holidays. Last week I asked our guest, Shandell, how he used to feel when he heard “Home for the Holidays.” “I was homeless for many years, staying in shelters. It’s a terrible way to live. I was alone

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You Can Make a Difference Today: Giving Tuesday

Submitted on December 2, 2014 - 10:13 am

Today’s the day! It’s Giving Tuesday.  I’m asking you to be a part of the global movement to make a difference today. The winter weather has arrived and your support will help our guests in their day to day struggle to survive. But you can also help our guests to make

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