The MK Strategic Plan

This past year, we developed and finalized a strategic plan that lays the blue print for Miriam’s Kitchen to achieve our vision of ending veteran and chronic homelessness in DC. Our Board, staff, guests and other major stakeholders all had a voice in developing this plan. The final documents are quite extensive, but it boils down to three priority areas: housing, connection, and leadership:

    To end chronic homelessness, there needs to be enough housing to meet the needs of individuals who have been living on the streets for years. Miriam’s Kitchen will maintain and expand the housing services we provide, as well as push for the expansion of housing resources city-wide. We will also build innovative partnerships with landlords and real estate developers to increase the overall supply of housing units across the city.
    To connect chronically homeless individuals more quickly to housing, we need to maintain and build quality outreach across the city. This is why our meals and case management program is so important. We are also excited to announce our new Street Outreach Program, which takes the quality services we deliver in the dining room to some of the hardest to reach individuals in the city.
    To end veteran and chronic homelessness, it takes a community—service providers, government agencies, private businesses, and you. MK lifts the voices of key stakeholders and unlikely allies to ensure there is consistent leadership pushing forward system-wide solutions to end chronic homelessness in DC

We hope that you are as excited about this road map to ending veteran and chronic homelessness in DC as we are. We also hope that you are better able to see how the wide range of services that MK provides (from meals to housing) work together to help us achieve our mission. You can read the full plan here:

The Work Plan 

Miriam’s Kitchen Strategic Plan 2019-2022

Miriam’s Kitchen Strategic Plan 2016 – 2018