Agnes Jackson

Agnes inside (600x398)It’s been a long journey, but after 20 years of experiencing homelessness, Agnes Jackson is finally home. Many of you are familiar with Agnes because she lived in a tent right here at the corner of 24th and G Streets. Many of us — staff, volunteers and guests — were concerned about her and would tap on the tent frequently to make sure she was ok. MK Senior Case Manager, Kate, sat outside that very tent and helped Agnes complete the SPDAT assessment  – the first step to helping her get housing.

Last summer, Agnes became a client in the MK Permanent Supportive Housing program. Her Case Manager, Malika, spent hours convincing Agnes to make the transition to housing and they looked at countless apartments before Agnes settled on one. Malika continued to support Agnes during her stay in a nursing home this winter as she recovered from frostbite. Now that her apartment is ready, Malika took Agnes shopping, ordered all her furniture and will continue to provide all the support that she needs to remain in her new housing.

Over the years, MK volunteer and Leadership Council Co-Chair, Rico, has developed a special relationship with Agnes. Rico shared, “Throughout the past couple of years my relationship with Agnes has grown and I have come to cherish my time getting to know her and about her rich and colorful life — every day getting to know Agnes enriched my life.”

Rico was instrumental in helping Agnes get into housing – he even took her shopping, out to lunch and gave her a ride to her new place on Wednesday! When Rico asked her, “What’s next, Agnes?”, she joyfully replied, “Get my butt back to work baby cakes.” It took a team effort to help Agnes make this change. Thank you, Rico, for your support and for being a part of the MK team. And thanks to each of our donors and friends – your support makes transformation like this possible.


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