Craig Phillips

Craig with keys (2) (398x600)

For nearly all of his life, Craig has struggled with mental illness. He moved around a lot, living with different family members scattered across the country, but he never had a permanent home.

Recently, a series of strokes have made life even more challenging for Craig. It is hard to imagine how he survived all these years.

Craig arrived in Washington, DC in 2014 and for over a year he’s been sleeping outside near Farragut Square. A friend told Craig about Miriam’s Kitchen.

Connecting with Miriam’s Kitchen
At Miriam’s Kitchen, Craig enjoys the meals and appreciates the assistance case managers provide – helping him obtain ID, food stamps and other benefits. But most of all he’s thriving because of the relationships he has developed.  We provide a place where Craig can belong. He says “Miriam’s Kitchen is my home. I always make sure I have a dollar in my pocket so I can make it back to Miriam’s.”

Craig receives support from our case managers, but he’s also giving support and encouragement to everyone around him. Craig creates connections – he knows just what to say to bring a smile to the faces of those around him.

Getting involved with Miriam’s Kitchen has given Craig a new sense of purpose. He’s making good choices, thinking about the future and we’re helping him stay connected to all the agencies that are supporting him.

Craig’s latest goal is to move into housing.  “I want a place to stay, a place to go home. I’m tired and can’t live on the streets anymore.”

The great news for Craig is he was recently matched with the permanent supportive housing program at Miriam’s Kitchen. Together with his case manager, Solomon, they are tackling all of the necessary paperwork, bringing him one step closer to home.

In September 2015, Craig moved into his own apartment. It was a long road filled with many delays, multiple apartment inspections and several disappointments. But thanks to Solomon’s persistence and hard work, Craig is finally home. He is now able to take his medication properly, and on time, with the result that Craig is happily living in his apartment and successfully housed.

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