Marc and Shawn Simmons

marc and shawnThank you for being there for my son, Shawn. As a Miriam’s Kitchen volunteer, donor, or supporter, you made a difference in his life.

Shawn was a thoughtful and kind soul. He faced some big challenges, made some bad decisions, and had some bad luck that left him experiencing homelessness. Our family loved him and tried to help as much as we could. During this tough period, I believe Shawn would have been completely lost without Miriam’s Kitchen.

Miriam’s Kitchen offered him a warm place to come in from the cold–a meal, a smiling face, a laugh, a hand. Most of us take those things for granted. But for people like Shawn who live on the streets, a place to find community and connection means the world…it sustains their lives.

Shawn benefited from the support of Miriam’s Kitchen. He built trusting relationships with the case managers and participated in the art programs with Miriam’s Studio. Slowly, he began to realize his own self worth and to find his way back to society. Shawn wanted to find housing, which would have been life changing for him. But he died before that could happen.

I’m grateful that Miriam’s Kitchen organized a memorial service celebrating Shawn’s life. At this service, I heard about the many ways that Shawn gave to Miriam’s Kitchen and its community even as he received from it. It was so powerful to hear that Shawn was thoughtful and kind, even as he faced the challenges of living on the streets. That is the son I knew.

Miriam’s Kitchen does an amazing job at being there for people. And I want the services that helped Shawn to be there for others. This is why I choose to support Miriam’s Kitchen. I hope you will too.

Marc Simmons
Father of Shawn Simmons and MK Donor

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