Marlon Anderson

Marlon Anderson (399x600)Marlon experienced a hearing loss at age 5, but he’s still been able to work and live on his own.   One day a supervisor got mad because he thought Marlon was listening to music on the job. The man didn’t realize that he had hearing aids – he thought he saw ear buds. Marlon tried to explain, but the man wouldn’t listen.  Marlon lost his job.

A year later, Marlon lost his apartment and shortly afterwards, his daughter suddenly died. These two events pushed him into a downhill slide and he couldn’t get back up.

Marlon found a spot behind a laundromat where he would sleep at night.  He was beaten up, slapped around, and robbed.  At one point it didn’t seem worth it to live anymore, so Marlon attempted suicide. He’s glad he wasn’t successful.

Eventually, a friend told Marlon about the Green Door where he discovered that he is bi-polar. His caseworker, Alex, helped him get on medication and approved for an apartment.  Marlon was then connected to Miriam’s Kitchen’s PSH program and his case manager Audrey.

On October 17, 2014 Marlon moved into his new apartment.  Audrey helped him to get settled, took him shopping for furniture and household items, helps him deal with his landlord and together they are setting goals for the future.

Marlon loves his apartment.  When he first moved in, he cleaned it up and got some rest. “I slept good – for the first time in a long long time. I feel like I’m living again.”

Once he’s more stable, Marlon’s goal is to help other people. “I want to show the love that was shown to me. I want to encourage other people who are homeless, share my experience and hear about theirs. We all need someone who will listen. “

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