Marvin Fields

Marvin-Fields-move-in-5-19-14 (600x400)Six years ago, Marvin first arrived at Miriam’s Kitchen. Struggling with a complex health issue and living with chronic pain, Marvin was often uncommunicative. Most days he’d stand quietly outside Miriam’s Kitchen with his shopping cart full of belongings.

And while he would regularly join us for meals and certain case management services, it remained challenging to help him.

But our case managers never stopped encouraging him to access the services he needed. They never gave up on him.

Art therapy turned out to be Marvin’s game changer. It became his way to express himself when he wasn’t up for talking.

And it became the foundation for our case managers to earn his trust, and to help him consider accepting Permanent Supportive Housing.

In May 2014, after countless Miriam’s Kitchen meals and case management services, Marvin slept in his own bed for the first time in six years.

Miriam’s Kitchen staff joined Pathways to Housing DC to help Marvin load his belongings into the MK van. Chef Steve added a few frozen meals, drove them over and they all helped Marvin settle in.

Together we’re helping Marvin maintain his home and thrive in his new life.

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