Program Overview

When Miriam’s Kitchen was founded in October 1983, we served only breakfast. But after seeing the same individuals in our dining room year after year, we recognized that serving meals was not enough. Today, from meals to housing, Miriam’s Kitchen plays a critical role in the fight to end chronic homelessness in DC. Our direct services help our guests increase their income, improve their health, and obtain housing. And our advocacy work addresses root causes, as well as pushes forward city-wide resources and solutions to ensure instances of homelessness are rare, brief and non-recurring.

program-meals-icon@2x Meals
Many guests say their path to housing started with a meal at MK. We serve breakfast and dinner every weekday. Our professional chefs supervise volunteers to serve 300 meals a day (about 70,000 meals annually). All of our healthy meals are made from scratch with fresh ingredients. Thanks to generous donations from local farmers’ markets, grocery stores, and even local restaurants. Each six-item meal costs less than 50 cents. Learn more
 program-case-icon@2x Case Management
Each year, MK provides basic, urgent services to about 4,000 individuals experiencing homelessness. We also work more intensely with 1,200 of those guests—helping them to increase their income (e.g. applying for disability benefits or social security), improve their health (connecting them to mental/health care appointments) and secure housing. We do this in partnership with social workers, psychiatrists, doctors, nurses and lawyers from partner organizations to provide a variety of high-quality services all in one place—our dining room. Learn more
Miriam’s Studio
Miriam’s Studio is a distinctly different therapeutic space where guests are free to create art in a variety of media – drawing, sculpture, collage, painting, jewelry – that can be completed in a single session or over several sessions. During the creative process, the art therapist observes and engages guests while participants speak openly and gain support from each other in a safe and trusting environment. This approach creates a place of belonging, where each guest is free to share, express and grow. In doing so, relationships with case managers are built, trust is earned and dignity is fostered. Learn more
Street Outreach Team
MK’s new Street Outreach Program means we no longer have to wait for guests to find us. Instead, we can go out to find them and help them on their road to housing as quickly as possible. The Outreach team takes the quality services that we offer in our dining room to the clients wherever they may be—under bridges, in parks or on the streets. The geographic focus areas of our Outreach Team include Foggy Bottom, Georgetown, and areas surrounding the State Department and National Mall. Learn more
Systems Change and Advocacy
MK pushes forward best practices, system improvements and increased resources to make instances of homelessness rare, brief and non-recurring across DC (not just in our dining room). We also helped found and still provide the majority of the staffing and resources for The Way Home Campaign, a citywide movement of 95 organizations and 5,000 individuals pushing for an end to chronic homelessness in DC.  Learn more
 program-housing-icon@2x Permanent Supportive Housing
MK provides supportive services to over 176 individuals so that they are quickly housed and do not fall back into homelessness. Once clients are matched with housing, MK serves as a coordinator and advocate between clients, their landlords and service providers. Case managers also support clients’ goals for returning to an active, more self-sufficient life in the wider community. Learn more


Our Impact