Housing Services


Kierstin, Debra and Anthony (600x399) (2)“The thing that is most exciting is seeing people change right in front of me. They sign a lease and instantly they’re no longer homeless. It’s truly amazing to be a part of that transformation. You can see the person they really are come back again.” – Kierstin Quinsland, Director of Housing

Miriam’s Kitchen provides supportive services to 176 individuals in the Department of Human Services Permanent Supportive Housing Program (DHS PSHP), who live in units located throughout the city.   

Once clients are matched with housing, Miriam’s Kitchen serves as a coordinator and advocate between clients, their landlords and service providers, an essential strategy for long-term success.

Case managers support clients’ goals for returning to an active life in the wider community with a broad spectrum of services, ranging from:

  • monitoring their health and safety;
  • helping them set and keep appointments with medical professionals and counselors;
  • developing budgeting and daily living skills;
  • assisting them in efforts to find employment and benefits; and
  • providing other more intensive physical and psychological interventions.

Permanent Supportive Housing isn’t just about having a home. It’s about having expert case management services to help a client stay in that home.

It’s about helping clients thrive in their new lives.