Testimonials and Awards

mk-mo-05MAR09-022“Miriam’s Kitchen represents the best that our community has to offer, and it demonstrates just how much we can achieve when we unite around a common purpose.”
 — First Lady Michelle Obama


Guest Feedback

“Miriam’s Kitchen sees the value that people have – not just me, but every person. People work hard, and maybe they lose their homes. But each person still has value.”
— MK Guest, George

“I was working towards my goals, but I still needed nourishment and support. That’s what I found at Miriam’s Kitchen. It is a place where you can feel like you belong, and feel comfortable getting the help you need.”
— MK Guest, Marquel

“If it weren’t for Adam at Miriam’s Kitchen, I’d never be housed.”
– Former MK Guest, Bill

“I was afraid to come to Miriam’s Kitchen at first, but after being asked three times I decided to give it a try. I didn’t know anything about Miriam’s Kitchen or the people who came here. What I found is a safe, welcoming environment with good food.”
– MK Guest, Lorena

“Miriam’s Kitchen is not a service center, it’s a community. You come for help with something, but then you stay because of the community, the connections and the support.”
– MK Guest, Sylvia

Donor Feedback

“We’ve supported Miriam’s Kitchen over the years because they set big goals and come up with creative solutions. This isn’t an organization that’s growing stagnant.”
— MK Donor, Jonathan Burr

Advocate Feedback

“We wouldn’t be anywhere near where we are today with systemic change that better serves our fellow community members experiencing homelessness without the hard work and strategic thinking that Miriam’s Kitchen has consistently brought to the table, week after week.  I’ve been so impressed to engage with everyone on your team.”
–David Tweedie, The Community Partnership for the Prevention of Homelessness

Volunteer Feedback

“In so many other volunteer experiences you just get put in the back, but at Miriam’s Kitchen you get to be up front and feel that you are really making a difference.”
–MK volunteer Christine Friedberg

“We are hearing more and more about the efforts to end chronic homelessness, and the benefits that would bring to the community. There are so many pieces to it – food, housing, services, advocacy. And Miriam’s Kitchen brings them all together. Once you see the impact that makes on the people we serve, you know the mission is possible.”
– MK Volunteer Sophie Buslik

“Miriam’s Kitchen has at its heart practical, effective care which, in my mind, makes it an appropriate example for successful homeless care in a large city.”
–MK volunteer Ben Vipond

Awards & Recognition

2019 Featured Speaker for SICI Harvard Kennedy School, “Agitate.Innovate.Orchestrate.” series (Scott Schenkelberg, CEO and President)

2018 Greater Washington Community Foundation David Bradt Non-Profit Leadership Award: (Deputy Director, Adam Rocap)

2018 Center for Nonprofit Advancement Advancement in Management (AIM) award. The award recognizes excellence in nonprofit management.

2015 Bank of America Neighborhood Builders Award

2015 Featured Speaker, National Alliance to End Homelessness Conference on Ending Homelessness (Kurt Runge, Director of Advocacy)

2013 Washingtonian 50 Great Places to Work

2013 Mayor’s Art Award for Innovation in the Arts

2013 Street Sense Founder’s Award

2011 Washingtonian 50 Best Places to Work

2011/2012 Catalogue for Philanthropy Best Small Charities

2010 Meyer Foundation Exponent Award

2010 Washington Business Journal Best Place to Work in Greater Washington